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Why IPS?







Production work is about telling the story of the company we are working for. The disciplines we learned touring theatre companies translates very naturally into the corporate show culture. We can provide a wide range of services from design to equipment specification, technical management to gear rental, production & stage management to labor & logistics.


Corporate shows are increasingly becoming more technical and in many cases are overproduced for the needs of the client. We work direct with companies and production houses of all sizes to help steer them through the maze of rules, regulations, unions & rental shops to achieve their goals and maintain budgets.


We understand the corporate culture and the need to balance the art and the business. Our experience can relieve your stress and make the production experience a much better ride!


Every event represents a need for a company to communicate a message, be it internal or external. When a company hires IPS they trust us with their image, their message and their budget. It is our goal to maintain and enhance their image, effectively communicate their message and to respect where and how their budget is spent to attain a maximum return on the look and feel of their event.






About IPS





We are a full service production & management firm specializing in lighting design. We provide creative, high quality production values through innovative concepts and design. We can be contracted to provide everything from design only to packages that include all gear and labor. Using highly experienced staff and national contacts we strive to provide outstanding service to our clients. With exceptional management, planning and coordination IPS can offer creative solutions for every need, every budget, and any venue.






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